The BC-201 Power Supply is capable of operating from 115VAC single Phase AC Power, 115/200 VAC three phase AC power and 28V DC Input Power.

AC and DC power can be simultaneously applied to the unit. The unit will draw power from the AC input, if available, and transition to operate form the DC Input upon the failure of the AC Input

115/200Vac 3-phase, 47-440Hz per Mil-Std-704D Or 115Vac single
phase per Mil-Std-704D Or 20-32Vdc per Mil-Std-704 Rev-

Input Transient:
AC Voltage, Per Mil-Std-704D Figure 5
Frequency, Per Mil-Std-704D Figure 6
28Vdc Input, per Mil Std 704D

Input Transient pulse:
700v p-p, 1us @ 100mjoules, AC or DC input

Input Protection:
No damage due to polarity reversal on DC Input

Inrush current:
Less than 10X Steady State Input current

Leakage Current:
Less than 5ma at max AC Input Voltage and Frequency

Insulation Resistance:
10 Megohm min 

Output Power:
Output#1 + 5.05VDC @ 30A
Output#2 +12VDC @ 1.5A
Output#3 -12VDC @ 3.0A
Output#4 +28VDC @40W Max

Line and Load Regulation:
+/1% @ 25 deg C, full load, for outputs 1,2 and 3, -10%-+46% for output 4

Ripple and Noise:
100mvp-p output #1, 125mvp-p output # 2 &3

Dynamic Load Regulation:
3% max output voltage overshoot/undershoot for any 25% step load

In accordance with Outline and Connection drawing #704046-04

Contact Assignment:
In accordance with Outline and Connection drawing #704046-04

6.0 lbs max

Operating Temperature:
-54 deg C to +75 deg C baseplate

Transient Thermal Operation:
+91 deg C baseplate for 30 minutes

Operates without damage, and maintains specified performance during random vibe levels .32g squared/Hz for 2 hours per axis;

Mechanical Shock:
Operates without damage, and maintains specified performance for 3 shocks per axis with 9G amplitude, and 11msec duration.

Up to 5.5G in any axis

Any Altitude from sea level to 50,000 ft at 40 deg C continuous, and +55deg C for 30 minutes.


Overvoltage Protection:
110% of nominal for Outputs 1, 2, and 3. 47v max for
output 4

Overload Protection:
Continuous operation into any overload condition including short circuit. Normal operation resumes after removal of fault condition.

Hold-up Time:
20 msec min

Turn-on time:
250msec max

70 % Min at full load over steady state AC or DC Input voltage range.

Status Signals:
Overtemperature: TTL Low when baseplate temperature exceeds 96+/-3 deg C.
5VDC Valid: TTL Low when 5v output is less than 4.7v.
DC OK: TTL Logic High
Input Power: TTL High indicates that the unit is operating from the AC bus. TTL low indicates operation from the DC bus.

Outline Dimensions:
In accordance with Outline and Connection drawing #704046-04

Thermal Shock:
Any thermal Shock between –57 deg C to +87 deg C

Explosive Atmosphere:
Will not cause explosion in an atmosphere of n-hexane or JP-4 jet fuel

Humidity (Operational):
No performance degradation during exposure up to 98% relative humidity with condensation.

Salt Fog:
Withstands the effects of exposure to salt-sea atmosphere in a concentration of 41 parts per 1000.

Materials/finishes do not support fungus growth.

Rapid Decompression:
No damage from altitude change from 8Kft to 50Kft in 2 seconds.

Operating Life:
30 years min, with reasonable servicing and replacement of parts.

Electromagnetic Emissions:
CE03 and CE07 per Mil-Std-461C, with external high frequency filter.

Electromagnetic Susceptibility:
CS01, CS02, and CS06, per Mil-Std-461C

50,000 hr minimum, AIT environment, 45 deg C interface temperature per Mil-HDBK-217F.

No preventive maintenance, adjustment, or part replacement required.

BC Systems Inc., is a designer and manufacturer of military power supplies, using the latest solid state device technology to achieve reliable specification compliant products. Power supplies are designed to meet or exceed customer specified environmental requirements. Military applications include all service platforms: ground, air and shipboard. Power supply technical qualifications are based on our vast experience in the design and manufacture of power supplies.

BC Systems Inc employs innovative packaging and thermal management techniques which are manufactured onsite providing enhanced production process control. Our complete in-house manufacturing capability provides our design and manufacturing team with the advantage of supplying products that achieve maximum performance, in the smallest package possible, within schedule requirements.

BC Systems is a small, Veteran owned business serving the U.S. Government and U.S. Military for over 30 years. BC Systems’ specializes in Military Power Supplies and Airborne Power Control Products.