Model 639AS760 Miniature Inertia Switch

BC Systems Model 639AS760 miniature inertia switch for safe and arming applications reacts to preset G-force up to 1000 Gs.

Electronics Model 639AS760 miniature inertia switch reacts to a preset G-force to control an event, process or procedure by providing a direct signal when the Gforce has been reached. The switch may be set to respond to gradual or sudden acceleration and/or deceleration up to 1000 Gs. It is hermetically sealed and meets all applicable MIL Specs and DOD Standards appropriate for its use.

Measuring just .921″ high by .740″ in diameter without the wires, the switch is suitable for a variety of military aerospace and airborne applications such as would be found in satellite and missile systems. It operates by sensing the preset G-force limitation and then switching an event – or sequence of events – on or off depending upon function.


Consider these outstanding advantages offered by the BC Systems
Model 639AS760 miniature inertia switch:

  • Full MIL Spec compliance including J-STD-001B.
  • Extremely rugged, hermetically sealed case withstands the severe environments associated with satellite and missile systems.
  • Miniature size minimizes space requirements – The inertia switch measures just .921″ high x .740″ in diameter and weighs less than a half ounce.
  • Controls events, processes or procedures by sensing a preset G-force limitation for a “safe”or “arm” mode.
  • Wide operating range up to 1000 Gs with gradual or sudden acceleration and/or deceleration.

How to get more information:

For additional information on the BC Systems Model 639AS760 miniature inertia switch or other advanced electronic products or power conditioning systems for military applications. please write or call today. An BC Systems technical representative or field sales engineer will be pleased to discuss your requirement in detail.

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BC Systems Inc employs innovative packaging and thermal management techniques which are manufactured onsite providing enhanced production process control. Our complete in-house manufacturing capability provides our design and manufacturing team with the advantage of supplying products that achieve maximum performance, in the smallest package possible, within schedule requirements.

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