Product Assembly


Our skilled manufacturing team assembles our products with the highest degree of precision. They follow bar coded travelers and Manufacturing Process Sheets that confirm every step in the manufacturing process is properly done. The traveler is tied to a central data base so that management knows the assembly level of each product work in process, allowing greater schedule adherence and visibility to our customers.

PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing

All PCB manufacturing is done in house giving us complete control of the process. The process includes automated solder paste dispenser, automated pick and place with video monitoring, vapor phased soldering, automated aqueous cleaning, and automated circuit test. This removes any variability in the process, ensuring consistent product to our customers.

Magnetic Manufacturing

PS magnetics

The magnetic components used in our power supplies are custom wound in house by our manufacturing team.

Automated Product Test


Automated test fixtures verify product functionality and performance.

Temperature Cycling


Thermal chambers confirm that each product will meet its intended maximum and minimum environmental conditions. Temperature cycling is part of environmental stress screening (ESS) performed on all products going through our manufacturing process.

Vibration Testing

Vibration testing

Random vibration testing is part of our environmental stress screening (ESS) that every product shipped to our customers must pass. This ensures that all products will meet the very rigorous mechanical loads they will be subject to in the field.

Fixture Assembly


BC Systems manufactures automated test fixtures that guarantee a consistent product to our customers.